Clinical Trials

Biomedical research studies on human participants designed to answer specific questions

Due to our highly equipped laboratories we have the possibility to develop study designs and conduct research on various topics. The utilization of our subject pool, with more than 1500 individuals, allows us to enroll subjects for a clinical trial in a very short time. The local independent ethic committee meets in average every three weeks which is much more often than in other regions. Furthermore we will take care for the insurance for the subjects. The costs have to be paid by the sponsor of the clinical trial.

  • Spectacle lenses
  • Contact lenses & lens care products
  • Refractive surgery & intraocular lenses
  • Visual perception
  • Metabolism of the eye
  • Functions of the eye & disorders of the eye
  • Drugs for the treatment of ocular pathology

Laboratory Studies

Evaluation of different kinds of parameters with high quality standards and high-tech measurement methods to ensure repeatability and reliability

Following current ISO standards we provide an extensive variety of different measurement methods to evaluate all kind of contact lens parameters and possible changes due to different contact lens fluids:

  • Measurement of ultraviolet and visible radiation using an Ulbricht sphere according EN ISO 18369-3
  • Evaluation of diameter, base curve and thickness profile using novel Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technique
  • Evaluation of refractive indexes up to four decimals (RI / n) for different contact lens materials using refractometry
  • Accuracy measurement of water content using a high precision scale with an infrared heating element based on EN ISO 18369-3
  • Analysis of refractive power profile using patented "Phase Shift Schlieren" technique to determine different types of contact lenses profiles

Materials testing

Measurement of the parameter characteristics and behaviour of different materials under various condtions. All laboratory studies are carried out according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. The testing of contact lenses and contact lens care products is based on DIN EN ISO 18369 and DIN EN ISO 11981.

The utilization of a customized OCULUS Keratograph K5M enables us to perform measurements of the dry up time of contact lenses under different conditions.

  • Contact lens diameter
  • Contact lens base curve
  • Contact lens transmission profile
  • Contact lens thickness profile
  • Contact lens power value profile
  • Contact lens water content
  • Contact lens dewetting behaviour
  • Contact lens refractive index
  • Lens care products

Medical device development

Enhancement and advancement of medical devices

Due to our experience in optometry and ophthalmic optics we are able to assist development processes of medical devices as well as test procedures for ophthalmic purposes.


We can provide best vision at sports

Feel free to consult us in regards to the following topics:

  • Placement of papers in ophthalmic, optometric journals and consumer media
  • Lectures to optometric, ophthalmic and technical topics
  • Seminaries
  • Business development
  • Consulting services

Market research

Gathering and evaluation of data regarding consumers' preferences for products and services

Our team is trained to obtain important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition. We can provide market information, market segmentation, market trends in regards to the following topics:

  • Spectacle lenses
  • Contact lens material, design as well as lens care products
  • Intraocular lenses
  • ophthalmic optic products

Workshops and Lectures

We share our knowledge

We offer seminars and workshops on the following topics:

  • Contact Lens fitting
  • Dry Eye
  • Refraction & measurement of visual acuity
  • Contact Lens Care

Research Group

International cooperation of leading contact lens specialists and optometrists

Through regular contact with international colleagues, we are able to conduct interdisciplinary and global studies and benefit from the knowledge of leading specialists.


We regularly publish our research results

Study results are published by us on different channels:

  • American Academy of Optometry
  • British Contact Lens Association
  • Optometry and Vision Science
  • Contact Lens and Anterior Eye
  • ...and many more

Additional Services

Profit from our knowledge

Feel free to consult us in regards to the following topics:

  • Placement of papers in ophthalmic, optometric journals and consumer media
  • Business development
  • Consulting services